Historical Facts

Like every civilization before it, America has left its mark on the Passover seder. We are the first with packaged foods to make cooking more convenient. This country probably has more varied Passover observances than anywhere but Israel.
No matter how assimilated American Jews have become, most have attended or regularly attend a Passover seder. Whereas in the old country it was a family event with few outsiders, the American way of life has created extended and combined family seders, each with a character of its own. There are neighborhood community seders, gay seders, lesbian seders, singles seders. There is a seder for Trappist monks led by a rabbi.
At Joan's seder, which her family has been holding for the past ten years, they include about twenty-five family members and friends. Everyone contributes a dish. The children, between main course and dessert, prepare a play on the story of Passover. It is always among the year's most memorable evenings.
Images of Passover

A Family Seder