Based on Joan Nathan's award-winning cookbook, Jewish Cooking in America, the television series, now in its second season, uses food to explore Jewish culture and history in the United States. Criss-crossing the country, Nathan visits the kitchens of celebrities, chefs, and other great Jewish cooks who share wonderful stories and recipes with a rich heritage that goes back through the ages.

Episode One:    A Vermont Yankee in King David's Court

Episode Two:    Wolfgang's Jewish Pizza

Episode Three:    A Couple in the Kitchen

Episode Four:    Joan's Dinner with Andre

Episode Five:    Catskill Memories

Episode Six:    San Francisco Sephardic

Episode Seven:    Ultimate Jewish Cuisine

Episode Eight:    Schmaltz

Episode Nine:   The Best Cooks I Know

Episode Ten:    Passing on Tradition: Jewish Baby-Boomers in the Kitchen

Episode Eleven:    Immigrant Stories

Episode Twelve:    A Kreplach By Any Other Name

Episode Thirteen:   Stuffed, Phylled and Rolled

A national co-production of Maryland Public Television (MPT), frappé Inc., and Joan Nathan


Executive Producer/Director:
Charles Pinsky

Executive Producer/Host:
Joan Nathan

Margaret Sullivan

Theme Music Composed and Arranged By:
Andy Statman

Executive in Charge of Production/MPT:
John T. Potthast

  c. 2002 Joan Nathan