Jewish Roots in Early America

It's name may mean "steamed dumpling," but it's taste says much more. A special occasion Bavarian dessert, Dampfnudel is a rich brioche-like cake, bathed in caramel sauce and served warm topped with a vanilla sauce or ice cream. Dampfnudeln was so much a part of the lives of the Bavarian Jews that children used to sing,
Dampfnudel hamma gestern g'habt,
Dampfunudel hamma heaut,
Dampfnudel hamma alle Dag,
Weil's uns halt gefrut!
We had Dampfnudel yesterday
Dampfnudeln again today
We have Dampfnudeln every day,
We like it fine that way!

This Week's Guest - Mary Powell
Mary Powell Dampfnudel

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