If the U.S. defaults, the New York National Debt Clock will stop


The National Debt Clock in 2011 calculated the total national debt to be approximately $14.3 trillion. As of Oct. 11, 2013, the U.S. Treasury places the debt at $14.7 trillion. Photo by Wikimedia user Benoît Prieur

The electronic National Debt Clock in New York, which constantly updates the U.S. total national debt and the amount of each family’s share, would freeze should Washington lawmakers fail to reach a deal to raise the debt limit, the New Republic reports.

The clock’s algorithm calculates the debt and is then adjusted weekly according to the U.S. Treasury’s latest numbers on the debt. A spokesman from the Durst Organization, the real estate firm that runs the clock, told the New Republic that, should a default occur, the clock will operate for a few days until it catches up with the latest events. At that point, the clock will stop.