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Fast, Hot, and Out of Control
Compared with a CEO's plush, climate-controlled office accomodations, the Liverpool Burger King's kitchen is extremely high-pressured and fast-paced, yet regimented and orderly at the same time. The environment is physically hot, because of all the cooking equipment, and the standardization and uniformity is mind-numbingly repetitive. Burgers and sandwiches must be cooked, assembled and delivered within strict time limits and exacting standards. Company policy mandates that a completed Whopper weigh 276 grams. Anything significantly under or over the standard must be thrown out.

Instead of attending meetings and assessing corporate goals, Burger King chief Bonnot will broil and build Whoppers, pour soft drinks and clean restrooms during his week on the floor. To earn his keep, and keep up with his fellow employees, Bonnot will need to be quick on his feet. Burger King policy dictates that all customers be served their meals within two-and-a-half minutes. Making people wait in the fast-food industry can mean lost business.

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