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Mara has worked at the Liverpool Burger King location for 7 months, and trains Bonnot to broil Whoppers. She earns $5.44 an hour in her job, and presses Bonnot to learn what his CEO salary is. She discovers, not surprisingly, it is a lot more than five dollars an hour.

Louise joins the Burger King company at the same time Bonnot is spending his week on the floor. Everyone learns that not all beginners are treated equally. Extra staff are brought on to compensate for Bonnot's inexperience at working the register or pouring soft drinks, while poor Louise must bear the stress with little help from her co-workers. "I have to say they [other employees] help me a lot," Bonnot admits. "I wouldn't cope otherwise, I think."

Lisa trains Bonnot to operate the register, where she apologizes to customer after customer for the delays caused by the new employee. Lisa also tells Bonnot he isn't smiling enough. Bonnot stammers, "I can't get my feet, my hands, my brain and my smile to all work at the same time." The well-meaning CEO eventually gets the hang of the operation, but only with plenty of help from extra staff support.

Although they recently joined coworkers and managers for a company "night out," Diana and Steve both complain they were unaware that the crew was being rewarded for achieving a "gold" sales goal at their location. Bonnot wonders how his corporate team can better improve communication and instill pride in the Burger King workforce.

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