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New Lockers and a New Friend
The well-meaning Bonnot does his best to proactively address workplace issues, both in the short- and long-term. When the employees point out the broken lockers, Bonnot has them fixed overnight. Back at the corporate offices, Bonnot tells his management team to devise better training support for new employees and to be clearer regarding reward schemes. As a result, large posters explaining incentive structures and goals are placed in every Burger King in Britain.

Many of his fellow employees are unimpressed by his performance on the floor. One irritated worker complains about the "special treatment," in the form of coaching and supervision, Bonnot receives on the floor. Nonetheless, Bonnot forms something of a bond with Lisa. She eventually gets the GM to smile on the job, and the two share a friendly farewell at the register. "I learned more in one week here than in one year of visiting restaurants," Bonnot says.

Eric says goodbye to Lisa
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