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On Board the Cruise Ship "Imagination"
Working on a cruise ship has to be the cushiest job ever, right? Think again. For ship's personnel, there's rarely time to cast a longing eye to the sunset on the Atlantic horizon with its kaleidoscopic hues rippling over the sea. It's busy, busy, busy for Bob, whether he's making beds and folding laundry or serving dinner for the Imagination's 2,500 passengers. Dickinson will need to be fast and alert at the pool bar if he wants to keep pace with experienced waiters like Chris and Martin. He'll also get the chance to ply his entertainment skills as social host for one of the ship's performances.

Bob's work week immediately gets off on wrong foot when he shows up 15 minutes late for his first shift in the purser's office. After a brief talk about the importance of being prompt, Bob begins working with Natasha, checking-in new passengers and managing complaints. Several passengers voice their frustration that they haven't received prior notification of an optional $10 per day gratuity that is distributed among ship employees like maids and waiters. It seems to be a case of not reading the fine print. One passenger says, "There should be something written somewhere in big print, not just in the little book."

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Bob works up a sweat serving drinks on deck.
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