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Fewer managers and less garbage duty for gardeners
By getting her hands literally dirty with the groundskeeping staff in the Park, Peruggi gains a true appreciation for the hard work gardeners perform. She also understands why they complain about spending so much time as mere trash collectors. During her week, Peruggi's management staff has been gently chiding the boss, stopping by to make sure the executive is keeping busy and not slacking off. But back in the offices, Peruggi's back in charge. Her first priority is security for park employees, who are often vulnerable at night or in potentially dangerous sectors such as North Woods. Then, with memories of scooping poop no doubt on her mind, she asks her managers to consider outsourcing garbage collection. Finally, Peruggi wants to know if any technology can be used to make park maintenance more efficient.

Peruggi might not want to join the working class crews responsible for park upkeep, but she definitely sympathizes with them and appreciates their hard work. When it's time to trim staff, Peruggi says, "Maybe management gets a little too bloated at times, so I'll have to see if we can cut that back." Indeed, she lays off 18 people from the management and administrative departments.

It's not clear if Peruggi began her new job thinking the lowest-paid park employees were the most expendable. But it is clear that she develops a real respect for the gardening staff, the problems they face and the exhausting effort put into their jobs. After working side by side with the gardeners, Peruggi says, "It's an amazing park and it's kept by a group of terrific people. For me it's exhilarating to see that, people really love what they do and are dedicated."

For Peruggi, the future of the Park looks bright—just as long as she doesn't have to heft that pick ax again!

Hard labor like this gets Regina thinking about machines for her gardening staff.
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