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Heathrow International Airport
Heathrow International Airport began as a tented village in 1946, serving 18 destinations. Today the world's busiest airport, Heathrow hosts more than 90 airlines and services 160 international destinations. The airport operates an average of 1,250 flights per day and services more than 61 million passengers each year. Over 80 million items of baggage pass through the airport each year.
According to the Heathrow Web site, the airport generates more than $7 billion in wages for the British economy. Operated by the British Aviation Administration (BAA), Heathrow employs 3,600 staff under Roger Cato's management, but supports more than 100,000 Heathrow-related jobs in the surrounding local area.

The world's busiest airport must constantly monitor the way the organization is run. After September 11, safety and security for the vast Heathrow facility -- over 3,000 acres -- is, of course, a paramount concern. Excellent customer service must be maintained. Garbage must be picked up regularly, even constantly. During renovations at the airport, crowd control becomes an issue. Can airport's managing director spend hundreds of millions renovating terminals and still maintain good customer and staff relations amid the chaos?

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Heathrow Airport
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