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Patterson Hosts a Grievance Meeting
Once he becomes aware of the resentment, anxiety and fear among these factory workers, Patterson is effective at addressing concerns and problems. He's just a little slow on the uptake. But he's got a non-nonsense attitude that at least one of the employees likes. "I wish some of the managers on the floor could take a leaf from his book," Karen says after Patterson hosts a grievance meeting and clarifies the points system policy to distinguish legitimate sick leave from absentee problems.

After literally getting his hands dirty with the Millennium Clock molds, Patterson pushes to get new molds in place and production back up to speed. And those pesky robots that threaten human jobs? Well, Patterson says they'll have to stay, that there's too much of an investment in the machines to turn back now. "We would be foolish, and maybe even broke, if we didn't use the technology that's available in the industry," Patterson argues. He hasn't been completely swayed by the emotions he's encountered on the shop floor.

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Patterson calls a impromptu meeting with shop workers to discuss issues on the floor.
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