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The Hospital
Chicago's Children's Memorial Hospital was created in 1882, by a mother who was grieving the loss of a son. Today, the hospital is one of the top pediatric facilities in the nation.
Meet the Staff
P. Stephen Almond, M.D.
Gail Brodkey
Meta L. Carroll, M.D.
James W. Collins, Jr., M.D.
Stewart Goldman, M.D.
Marisa Klein-Gitelman, M.D.
Morris Kletzel, M.D.
Michael L. Miller, M.D.
Riccardo Superina, M.D.
Frank A. Vicari, M.D.
Ram Yogev, M.D.
Explore the Units
Institute for Education
and Research (CMIER)
Falk Brain Tumor Center
Hospital Support Services
Infectious Diseases
Neonatal Intensive
Care Unit (NICU)
Pediatric & Maternal HIV
The Siragusa
Transplant Center
Stem Cell
Transplant Program
doctor examines child while mother looks on
Perspectives on Care
Read about the doctors, units and staff that make this Hospital unique.
Parent Center
Learn how to explain illnesses using kid-friendly-words. Plus, tips on getting kids to take their medicine, and questions to ask your doctor before making decisions.