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Dealing With Emergencies
Boy with Injured Eye
If you've ever rushed a child to the ER or witnessed a less-threatening injury at home, you may have thought to yourself, "How did I let this happen?" While it's hard not to blame yourself, there are positive, proactive measures parents can take to create safe environments and explain safety rules in ways that kids will both understand and obey.
The following safety strategies -- designed to help YOU keep your child out of the ER -- were developed by experts who treat common and serious injuries every day. Plus, there's much to learn from other parents and links to Web sites filled with the latest health and safety tips.
Insights from Children's Hospital
Simple and Sensible Safety Strategies
Try these easy ways to keep your children safe. Plus, learn how to talk to kids about safety using age-appropriate terms.
Parent Stories
Learning From Injuries
From gunshot wounds to lawnmower accidents to objects up noses, find out how parents dealt with injuries and figured out how to prevent them in the future.
Featured Resources
Injury Prevention Program
This site provides age-specific safety tips for helping to prevent injuries.
Visit the Resources page for more information to help you keep your family free from injury.