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Caring for Critically Ill Kids
Parents at Bedside
Parenting a child who's ill presents its challenges. The minute the temperature rises, behavior can get heated as well, no matter what the child's age or condition may be. The staff at Children's Memorial Hospital recommends you listen to your child and acknowledge her feelings, use age-appropriate words to explain what's going on, and stay consistent and firm regarding medication and treatment. In addition, they recommend parents, sick children, doctors and even siblings discuss the situation and review the treatment plan together. The following strategies, observations and resources were developed with the help of medical experts and parents like you. These strategies will help parents care for critically ill children, and may also apply to kids with everyday illnesses and colds.
Insights from Children's Memorial Hospital
Communicating With a Critically Ill Child
Find parenting strategies and age-appropriate discussion tips for talking and living with a child who's ill.
Getting Children to Take Their Medicine
Try helpful tips that work for kids with critical and common illnesses.
Kid-Friendly Medical Index
Explain medical terms using language kids can understand.
Parent Stories
Maintaining Normalcy
Learn how three parents cope and find hope by resuming day-to-day routines.
Through a Child's Eyes
Coping With Loss
Tom Ford, a teenage cancer survivor, talks about losing a friend to the disease.
Featured Resources
National Institutes of Health
This site contains advanced information on specific conditions, drug information and special programs.
Visit the Resources page for more information about caring for a critically ill child.