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Caring for Critically Ill Kids
Communicating With a Critically Ill Child
Talking with kids about their illnesses can be tough. No parent may ever feel completely prepared to have the conversation, and there's no one right way to do it. Doctors and social workers at Children's Memorial Hospital recommend that parents be honest and truthful in an age-appropriate way and create the opportunity for an open dialogue with their kids. But every family has its own culture, every child is unique, and each family will find a way to communicate that's right for them. That said, the staff at Children's Memorial Hospital do recommend the following talking tips and strategies that may bring clarity and comfort when facing critical health issues.
Helpful Strategies
Learn what kids are concerned about and how you can help.
Talking Tips Age-By-Age
Use age-specific words to help you communicate effectively.
Allison Cieslak Home Work
Dr. Stewart Goldman jokes with Allison and her Mom about keeping up with home work.

"Many children know what's going on inside their bodies without your telling them. Some children are so honest that they will tell you what they need to talk about."
Dr. Stewart Goldman
Pediatric Oncologist