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Finding Support
Mother and father with newborn
When a child is critically ill, it's also critical for parents to reach out. And most likely, they'll find friends, neighbors and other parents who are able to help during the first few weeks. But after the first shock of an illness sets in, parents may then need to get some long-term support. "Most parents are not prepared for the illness of a child; that's just not something you think about," says social worker Mary Mathews. She recommends that parents start by doing some practical planning and list making. Here you will find strategies, stories and resources to assist with this process. These ideas may also help parents find support during a non-life-threatening illness -- as these tips make handling any kind of hospital stay a little easier.
Insights from Children's Hospital
Step-by-Step Support Guide
Find simple strategies for communicating with doctors and nurses about your critically ill child, for dealing with insurance companies and more.
Parent Stories
Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends
Find out how friends, family and even relative strangers have helped parents survive trying times.
Through a Child's Eyes
I'm Not Scared to Die
Mayra Santacruz expresses thanks to her mother, her doctors and her friends as she prepares to die.
Featured Resources
Starbright World
This site is a free online community that connects kids living with chronic and serious illness.
Visit the Resources page for more information on financial, emotional and other kinds of support.