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Insurance Isn't Enough
Alec Marquez
When Alec Marquez was diagnosed with one of the worst types of pediatric cancer, his parents didn't worry about the money – after all, they had good health insurance. The only thing the Marquez family cared about was Alec's chance of survival.
Fortunately for Alec, the Hospital's Stem Cell Transplantation Program had recently finished clinical trials for an innovative treatment called a "triple tandem stem cell rescue." With this new approach, the survival rate (3 years after treatment) shot up from 25% to an amazing 75%.
Alec's doctors told his parents that their son was a good candidate for this new procedure. The Marquez family was ready to go ahead. Then they learned that their insurance wouldn't pay for most of the treatment.
To have an insurance company telling us what we can, or can't, do is very frustrating. -- Dr. Paul Haut, Stem Cell Transplantation Program
In fact, private insurance rarely covers new or experimental therapies. So the Hospital's financial support staff stepped in to help.
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