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A Disease in Disguise
On an average day, a hundred kids get treated in the Emergency Room at Children's Memorial Hospital. Most cases are fairly simple. But sometimes, a mystery like Naivan Avila comes through the door.
Naivan's bewildered parents can't understand why their 8-year-old son is screaming and crying, spitting and clawing. Naivan has become a stranger to them. With the help of a Spanish-speaking interpreter, doctors in the ER start investigating.
The team learns that Naivan had his appendix taken out a few weeks before. His strange behavior started a few days after surgery.
My hunch is that this is a reactive psychosis and that he'll be fine, I hope. We'll see. -- Dr. Meta Carroll, ER
A phone call to the hospital that performed the operation doesn't turn up any clues. With no other evidence, the doctors think it's a psychological reaction to the stress of surgery. An evaluation is scheduled.
Meanwhile, the boy has calmed down a little, so the ER team takes some blood samples for lab tests. Could it be something physical, rather than mental? Perhaps the tests will tell.
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