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More than Skin Deep
Only 1 in 20,000 children is born with a giant nevus birthmark, a type of dark mole that measures over 4 inches across. So when Kaylee Smith was born, she was among the rare, and the unfortunate.
When her parents saw the birthmark that covered Kaylee's arm from the elbow down to the tops of her fingers, they knew that her future was clouded. A life of stares and whispers was not what they had planned for their daughter. But as they took her from one doctor to another, the answers were hopeless, and the Smiths were told that the mole was too large to be removed.
The Smiths also discovered that Kaylee's giant nevus could foreshadow the most deadly form of skin cancer.
The doctor just sort of gazed over her, and looked at us point blank, and said, 'That's her curse in life.' -- Beth Smith
Then, when Kaylee was 2 years old, her mother, Beth, learned about Dr. Frank Vicari and Children's Memorial Hospital. It was a long shot, and a 340-mile round-trip from home. And Mark and Beth Smith seized the chance.
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