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Cells That Can Save
stem cell researcher
Until recently, a child diagnosed with aggressive neuroblastoma cancer had a 75% chance of dying within 3 years. Today, kids like Alec Marquez have a 75% chance of being cured.
This amazing reversal is due to an innovative therapy pioneered by a team at the Children's Memorial Stem Cell Transplant Program. The new protocol is harsh, with three stem cell transplants, and poisonous doses of chemotherapy.
'How can you frighten a family by calling it poison?' A: That's what it is. B: It shows we have a lot of respect for this. --	Dr. Stewart Goldman, Oncologist and Researcher
It still remains to be seen whether other treatment centers will be able to duplicate the high level of success achieved in the Hospital's clinical trials. The team that developed the triple-transplant technique was directed by Dr. Morris Kletzel. Although Dr. Kletzel agrees that other institutions don't have the Hospital's technical advantages, he remains hopeful that survival rates everywhere will eventually improve.
the Marquez family
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mother and baby
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