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Fighting For the Future
mother and child
The ER at Children's Memorial sees hundreds of cases every day. Mixed in with the standard childhood accidents and illnesses, there are a few cases that suggest violent injury or abuse. The Hospital staff has seen enough cases to know that this particular kind of pain can come to any child, and any family. It's up to the Hospital to help determine which cases are abuse, and to help protect the child from further injury.
Domestic violence, child abuse, child neglect. You name it, we have it, and the Hospital deals with all of it. -- Gail Brodkey, Child Life Specialist
As a Child Life Specialist, Gail Brodkey must ask some hard questions, and parents often try to hide the truth. In the case of a 1-year old with severe head trauma, the mother said her baby fell from his crib. After talking with the doctors, Gail contacted the Child Abuse and Neglect hotline. Later that night, the child was placed in his grandmother's care.
Dakota Rucker
One Step Forward
A decade ago, a child with HIV was facing a death sentence. See how one boy continues to beat the odds.
child with eye-patch
Simple and Sensible Safety Strategies
Try these easy ways to safety-proof your life with children. Plus, learn how to talk to kids about safety using age-appropriate terms.
The Hospital
Meet the staff and see hospital resources.