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Taking the Next Step
Whether doing battle with a deadly cancer, or trying to help a child like Kaylee Smith overcome a birth defect, doctors are constantly in need of new strategies and innovative techniques. The solutions can only come through research, a primary mission at Chicago Children's Memorial Hospital.
The hospital, and affiliated medical schools, share research relationships through the Children's Memorial Institute for Education and Research (CMIER). This is one of just five institutions in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to pediatric research.
You're grasping at straws, but at the same time... you know that they've been doing the studies, and somebody's got to be first in line. -- Mother of a girl with brain cancer
Front line physicians are the first to support ongoing research efforts. "Progress takes little steps," says oncologist Dr. Stewart Goldman, adding "I have not seen a Eureka yet, but I've seen a lot of good steps in the right directions, and part of that's through children participating in research and clinical trials."
Kaylee Smith
More than Skin Deep
An Indiana toddler has a large and dangerous birthmark. Can her giant nevus be removed, along with its stigma?
mother & child
A Peaceful Death
How to offer a child the chance to live fully even as he may be dying.
The Hospital
Meet the staff and see hospital resources.