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Browse through stories of kids and families, doctors, researchers, and staff members, to see how they work together to create the best possible outcomes.
Childhood: Is it possible to have a "normal" childhood and also cope with a serious illness? See how kids, families and doctors are fighting to keep the joy.
child To Be a "Normal" Kid
Share three different life stories about the search for a "normal" childhood.
When Therapy Ends
After half a lifetime being treated for a tumor, how will a teen's life change?
Counting the Cost: When a child's life is at stake, money is no object. But how much care should society fund? And what should families be asked to sacrifice?
computer monitor Cells That Can Save
Read about exciting new ideas for stem cell treatments, to help kids battle cancer.
Insurance Isn't Enough
See how parents cope when insurance won't pay for treatment to save their son.
Social Ills: Far too often, kids are the ones who suffer because of society’s diseases: drug abuse, violence, prejudice, poverty, and more...
doctor Fighting for the Future
See how Hospital employees deal with child abuse, and work to prevent it.
One Step Forward
A decade ago, a child with HIV was facing a death sentence. See how one boy continues to beat the odds.
Pioneers: Pediatric research is finding many new cures and treatments, but it always takes courage to try the untested.
doctor Taking the Next Step
Death is a hard adversary. Learn how doctors are fighting back with research, study, and clinical trials.
More than Skin Deep
An Indiana toddler has a large and dangerous birthmark. Can her giant nevus be removed, along with its stigma?
Detectives: An odd rash, psychotic behavior, suspicious injuries. The ER team has to find the truth, and find it fast.
diagnostic equipment Cracking the Case
There's more to medicine than meets the eye. See how doctors use technology, tests, and talking to solve cases.
A Disease in Disguise
Naivan screams and screams. His parents don't know what's happening, or why. Can CMH doctors solve the mystery?
Decisions: How do parents and doctors cope with making life-and-death decisions about the treatment of a child?
doctor Life, Hope & Transplants
A transplant isn't always the best answer. See how a highly skilled team helps parents make the hard choices.
A Mother's Choice
Should Quantell have a second liver transplant? It's a high-risk operation. See how his mom decides what to do.