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A Mother's Choice
Quantell Wood is a laughing 11-year-old with a taste for video games, music and carousels. But his recent liver transplant has become infected, and Quantell may need another transplant operation. Or, his adoptive mother, Pam, may choose to wait and hope the infection clears.
I think the chances of Quantell dying after a re-transplant are substantial... not simply 10, 15, 20%... closer to 50%. -- Dr. Superina
Quantell's medical history is a nightmare. His birth mother used alcohol and drugs. He was born 3 months early, with serious problems. For the first 16 months of life, he was in a hospital. Then he was in a foster home, where Pam Wood volunteered. "He was pretty vegged-out at that point," Pam recalls. "If you propped him in a corner and he fell over, he wouldn't cry, he wouldn't attempt to move."
After several weeks, Quantell made direct eye contact with Pam – and smiled. "From that point on, I was hooked," she says, "He'd made the decision that we needed to be a family."
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