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Luciano Anastasini

Watch the Series Online

Watch all six episodes of CIRCUS along with video profiles, performances and web exclusive clips from the series.

Circus Life: Meet the Cast and Crew

Glen Heroy

Meet newbie clown Glen Heroy and the cast of characters who make up the Big Apple Circus.

Big Apple Circus: The Founders

Inspired by the intimacy of a one-ring show, learn how two clowns founded their own circus.

About the Series: Making Circus

Cameraman filming Glen Heroy

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the series, find a music playlist and more.

In the Ring: The Acts

Guiming Meng performs his chinese vase juggling act

Explore the amazing acts of the Big Apple Circus and watch video of some of the performances.

Circus Life: Where Are They Now?

Sarah Schwarz

Find out what your favorite characters from CIRCUS are doing now, two years after the series was filmed.

PBS Arts Presents: Art of the Circus

Go under the big top to explore the artistry of circus performance at the new PBS Arts site. Find exclusive videos and features from the series.