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About the Series


This fall, step inside the ring for an intimate look at the mystery and thrill of CIRCUS, a multi-part documentary premiering November 3, 2010, 9:00-11:00 p.m. ET on PBS.

Over the course of six dramatic hours, the documentary follows the legendary Big Apple Circus on an unforgettable journey from the big top to the “back lot,” where nail-biting drama unfolds both high in the air and down on the ground and the real heart of the circus beats. CIRCUS goes behind the scenes to explore a distinctive world with its own rules and lingo and no fixed address. It reveals the sights, sounds and stories of the circus’ fascinating cultural legacy in unprecedented breadth and scope as viewers escape into a place of passion, excitement, perseverance and even heartache. From the training and rehearsals to the bravery and the intensity of life — and work — in the circus, the cameras capture it all. Grab a front-row seat as members of the Big Apple family experience life-changing moments. Read the episode descriptions.

Making Circus

The filmmakers from Show of Force share their stories of running away with the circus.

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The Music of Circus

Learn how music producers found the perfect tunes for CIRCUS and listen to tracks from the Nashville-based band, The Features.

Making Circus: Crafting the Story

CIRCUS editors Howard Sharp and E. Donna Shepherd.

Find out how the CIRCUS editors, Howard Sharp and E. Donna Shepherd, met the challenge of shaping a year's-worth of footage into a compelling story.