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Film Credits | Web Site Credits

Film Credits

Created & Directed By
Maro Chermayeff
Jeff Dupre
Matthew Akers
Line Producer
Josh Bennett
Field Producer
Ali Sargent
Story Producer
Soo Kim
Editor: Episodes 1, 4, 6
E. Donna Shepherd
Editor: Episodes 2, 3, 5
Howard Sharp
Matthew Akers
Robert Hanna
Associate Editors
Jim Hession
Kristian Gonzales
Original Music Composed By
Ed Bilous
Greg Kalember
Stephen Kazmierski
Stephen Mccarthy
Axel Baumann
Bob Richman
Sound Recordists
Richard Fleming
Marcus Ricci
Jt Takagi
Steve Bores
Mark Mandler
Mark Roy
Executive Music Producers
Carter Little
G. Marq Roswell
Additional Camera
Tony Rossi
Mark Daniels
Josh Bennett
Mead Hunt
Bill Winters
Marcus Ricci
David Smoler
Additional Sound
Mike Barnitt
Nicolas D’alban
David Hocs
Josh Isaac
Jonathan Jackson
Paul Rusnak
John Zecca
Camera Assistants
David Smoler
Greg Polin
Alejandro De Onis
Office Manager
Rachael Pulsifer
Jean Coleman
Carl Coulanges
Brian Doyle
Kiera Feldman
David Frey
Greg Murray
Lewis Rapkin
David Smoler
Main Title Design
Sagi Haviv
Ivan Chermayeff
Tom Geismar
Title Graphics
Still Photography
Matthew Akers
Robert Hanna
Gillian Laub
David Smoler
Alejandro De Onis
Production Accountant
Andrew Hall
Production Managers, Monte Carlo
Sacha Guillaume
Isabelle Lemmonier
Steadicam Operator
Maceo Bishop
Steadicam First Assistant Camera
Rene Crout
Steadicam Second Assistant Camera
Evan Newell
Jamie Marlowe
Second Assistant Camera
Jason Vandermeer
Technocrane Operator
Wayne Paull
Technocrane Assistants
John Keating
Craig Striano
Ken Thompson
Phantom First Assistant Camera
Vanina Feldsztein
Phantom Camera Technician
Jamie Alac
Matt Naughton
Key Grip
Chris Lally
Phillip Yu
Jib Operator
Manny Gutierrez, Jr.
Jib Assistants
Frank Bourassa
Ray Hoover
Location Production Assistants
David Angell
Shawn Annable
Lauren Baker
Nathan Bennett
Stephen Brown
Danielle Cautela
Carl Coulanges
Brian Doyle
Florent Duroc
Ben Gamer
Michael Hadge
Michael Hoffman
Connie Lee
Ari Manin
Greg Murray
Jorge Narvaez
Lewis Rapkin
Andy Roberts
Trinidad Rodriguez
Greg Roten
Christopher Sadler
Saul Simonoff
Jill Taylor
Production Interns
Daniel Buono
D’arcy O’donnell
Annabel Ruddle
Dylan Shenker
Sound Effects Editor
Mariusz Glabinski
Ira Spiegel
Dialogue Editor
Marlena Grzaslewicz
Brian Bowles
Assistant Sound Editor
Dan (Diego) Fulton
Re-Recording Mixer
Martin Czembor
Post Production Facility
Post Production Project Manager
Shannon Hall
Hd Conform & Color Correction
Mike Nuget
Legal Services
Greenberg Traurig, Llp
Mitchell, Silverberg and Knupp, Llp
Production Insurance
D.R. Reiff and Associates
Hd Camera And Phantom Equipment
Abel Cinetech
Translation Services
Language Connection
Nancy Shen
Lev Radunsky
Archival Research
Amy Schewel
Archival Footage Provided By
Luciano and Gladis Anastasini
Big Apple Circus Composers
Jeffrey W. Holmes
Keith Gordon
Michael Valenti
David Matthews
Brian Taylor
David Bandman
Special Thanks
The cast and crew of the Big Apple Circus
Paul Binder
Michael Christensen
Guillaume Dufresnoy
Gary Dunning
Dominique Jando
Chris Wearing
Su Chermayeff
Joe & Judy Dupre
Steve Piper
Michael Kantor
School Of Visual Arts, MFA Program In Social Documentary
Timothy Doyle
Niki Bhattacharya
Grace Kline
Joe Neal
New York City Parks Department
NYC Mayor’s Office Of Film And Video
Kimberly Carver
Executive Producers
Maro Chermayeff
Jeff Dupre

This Program Was Produced By Show Of Force Llc Which Is Solely Responsible For Its Content.

Copyright Public Broadcasting Service 2010

Web Site Credits

John Kin
Content Producer
Helyn Trickey
Site Design
Chermayeff & Geismar
Heather Young
Erik Golts
Producer, Curriculum Materials
Catherine Stimac
Curriculum Writer
MacGregor Campbell
Curriculum Advisor
Mike Lampert

Web Video Production: Show of Force

Josh Bennett
Soo Kim
Editor, Educational videos
Nick Damiano
Editor, Web extras
Jim Hession
E Donna Shepherd
Online Editor
Kristian Gonzales
Assistant Editor
Lewis Rapkin
Educational Consultants
Ben Lillie
Mike Lambert
Educational Narration/Presenter
Glen Heroy
Executive Producers
Maro Chermayeff
Jeff Dupre