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Circus Life


Never Good-bye: Where Are They Now?

Find out what your favorite characters from CIRCUS are doing now, two years after the series was filmed.

Featured Cast

Paul Binder

He's always been in the center of the ring. But as his last season as artistic director winds down, can he step away gracefully?

Glen Heroy

He's a rookie, and he's hoping to fill some mighty floppy clown shoes. Can Heroy bring down the house?

Sarah Schwarz

She walks on a wire like she's dancing on clouds, but can this graceful performer tighten her act?

Marty and Jake LaSalle

They're mirror images of each other, but each brother's personal goals threaten to divide these juggling twins.

Mark Gindick

He's a quirky, nerdy clown with big ideas about how to make you shoot soda through your nose.

Steve Smith

He's one part bomb diffuser, one part dreamer. Can Guest Director Smith keep the season on track?

Barry Lubin

He's got the clown thing down. But how will this seasoned performer deal with a looming crisis that threatens to derail him?

Luciano Anastasini

He reinvented himself after an injury stole the trapeze from him. Can he and his rescued pups do the trick?

Christian Atayde Stoinev

Born into the circus, he graduates from high school this season. Will college be his next step?

Michael Leclair

He's the assistant tent master, and he's always got one eye on the big top and one eye on the sky.

Cast and Crew


They make the payroll. They hire the talent. They worry about the overhead.


They'd sell their souls for the love of a good crowd. They've got sawdust on their feet and stars in their eyes.


They eat dust. They suffer splinters. They sweat and strain and raise the roof.


They sew the leotards, teach the children and keep the lights from burning out.