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Gallery: Life on the Lot


The bright lights of a circus ring are an illusion. It's a world lit by lightning, a transforming circle that, for an hour or two, turns our dreams into the living, breathing words of reality. Inevitably, the show must end: The lights dim, the crowds dissipate into the darkness of the night, and the cast and crew are left with the quiet big top and the nooks and crannies between trailers and tents. But look closely: There's another world in the grass and gravel alleys behind the circus. Here, in the narrow paths between trucks and trailers is where the cast and crew gather to shrug off the stresses of the day: the missed cue, the near-disaster in the ring, the money troubles and fears for the future. On the stoops of their trailers they swap tall tales. Beside the barbecue pits they trade recipes. In the narrow paths between their homes the performers practice back flips or spit takes or falling down in funny ways, all while the circus children perform expert belly flops in portable swimming pools. Here is where the circus lives, where the cast and crew laugh, bicker, goof around and fight boredom off with all of their might. Grab a chair and sit for while.