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DIY Circus


Elementary and middle school students will love learning new skills through this collection of how-to videos, hosted by Big Apple Circus performers. Each video has an easy-to-use activity sheet to help educators and parents create fun activities for kids.

DIY Circus Videos

Glen HeroyHow to Make a Clown Face

In this activity students can learn to paint faces from a real clown.

Jake LaSalleHow to Juggle

Jake LaSalle demonstrates how to get started learning how to juggle.

Christian StoinevHow to Do a Handstand

Doing handstands takes a lot of practice, but students can learn the basics with this short activity.

Luciano AnastasiniHow to Train a Dog at Home

In this at-home activity, students with pet dogs can learn to teach them a few tricks.

Sara SchwarzHow to Walk a Tightrope

With a bit of focus and practice, students can learn the basics of walking the tightrope.