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In The Ring


Danger in the Circus

The circus is mesmerizing, in part, because of the enormous risks performers take to achieve astounding physical feats.

Featured Acts

Chinese Vase Juggling

One vase, two vases, three vases, more? Clue in to the agility this ancient art requires.

Flying Trapeze

Look up! Aerialists have wowed crowds with somersaults and flips for centuries.

Clowns: Singin' in the Rain

Mark the clown goofs on Gene Kelly's trademark dance moves.

Trick Riding and Acrobatics

Feel the pounding of the horses' hooves as trick riders perform daring acrobatic feats.

Clowns: Grandma

This granny captures hearts as one of the most lovable characters in the Big Apple Circus.

Russian Barre

A breathtaking act with two strong men, a bar and an incredible acrobat.


Sarah Schwarz brings balance, grace and rhythm to the low wire.

Les Frères Taquins

A mannequin comes to life, finds his wits, and falls in love in the sawdust of a circus ring.

Clowns: Lead-A-Band

Follow that clown's lead and take control of the band. It's easy if you believe in yourself.

Luciano and His Pound Puppies

Follow a bumbling ring master and his bounding, barking pups in an act like no other.