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Circus Across America Map


You don't have to wait for the circus to come to town to find clowns, acrobats and jugglers in your local community. Throughout the country, there are organizations -- from clown schools to arial and acrobatic performance troups to juggling clubs -- that are keeping the circus arts alive in big ways and small. You can even get into the act yourself in classes that teach trapeze, tumbling, juggling and more.

Explore our Circus Across America Google Map to find circus organizations and performers in your community. And if you are involved in or aware of a circus-related organization that isn't on the map, add it yourself and help us build the collection.

View PBS Circus Across America in a larger map

Google Map Legend: Red Flag: Circus Schools | Green Flag: Circus and Performing Arts Organizations | Orange: Circus Performers | Big Apple Circus Tour Locations: 2010-2011 Season