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Puppy Pandemonium Game



Play the Puppy Pandemonium Game

Superstitions under the big top are as prevalent as clowns with wonky red noses. For instance, peacock feathers are thought to contain an “evil eye” that can jinx a performance, and open umbrellas in the circus may offend the spirits and bring bad luck. To woo good luck their way, circus folks often allow three goats to wander the circus grounds during a performance.

In the Puppy Pandemonium game, your job is to save the clown act that’s gone awry by gathering the pooches that are on the loose and piling them in the choo choo train before the clock runs out. But beware: Your clown must dodge certain omens of bad luck — peacock feathers and umbrellas — that fall from the sky as he tries to beat the clock. Think you can avoid the circus jinx? Play the game and find out.