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Citizen Kurchatov: Stalin's Bomb Maker


Georgi Malenkov

Malenkov was born in Kazakhstan in 1902. He was an outstanding student, and graduated with honors. He served in the Red Army as a political commissar, and later graduated from the Advanced Technological School in Moscow in 1925 (two years after Kurchatov graduated from college).

He rose to power under Stalin along with Beria, and the two carried out Stalin's deadly orders. However, when Stalin died, Malenkov wasn't as quick as Beria to criticize the dead leader.

Malenkov was the first of the subsequent troika to warn that a nuclear war could lead to global destruction. His statements helped Khrushchev remove him from power. Malenkov was eventually exiled inside the Soviet Union, but remained an ardent communist until his death in Moscow in 1988, two years after the death of Molotov.      



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