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Citizen Kurchatov: Stalin's Bomb Maker


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Citizen Kurchatov: Stalin's Bomb Maker is the story of an enigmatic scientist involved in one of the most important and dangerous projects in history.

Igor Kurchatov grew up during a time of great change in Russia. The Tsar was overthrown, and communists led by Lenin took control and established the Soviet Union.
            V.I. Lenin
            Russian Revolutions of 1917

Nuclear Secrets
Nuclear physics was in a golden age during the 1930's when Kurchatov was a young scientist. Although a future in this new science was uncertain, Kurchatov chose it as his career.
            Nuclear Physics
            Quantum Mechanics
            Werner Heisenberg
            Josef Stalin
        A New Science
            Abram Ioffe
            Yuli Khariton
        International Prestige

A New Weapon
In the 1930's, nuclear physicists realized the potential for building an atomic bomb, but they knew it would take a tremendous effort to produce such a weapon.
            J. Robert Oppenheimer
            The MAUD Committee
        Suspicious Absence
            Lavrenti Beria
        Director Kurchatov
            Peter Kapitsa
            Sergei Kaftonov
            Vyacheslav Molotov
        Enormous Effort Abroad
            Manhattan Project

Although he did not completely believe atomic weapons were possible, Stalin instructed Kurchatov to work on building a Russian bomb.
            Klaus Fuchs
            Hiroshima and Nagasaki
        Post-War Tension
        A Russian Scale

Atomic Powers
When Kurchtov's bomb project was successful, a new era of atomic diplomacy pitted the Soviet Union against the United States.
        If We Are Wrong...
        Soviet Test
        Equivalent Rewards

Super Bomb
The hydrogen bomb was the next step for Kurchatov's team. They quickly shifted their attention to building a bomb over 100 times more powerful than a plutonium bomb.
            The Thermonuclear Bomb
        The Layer Cake
        America's Hydrogen Bomb
        Stalin's Regime Ends
            Nikita Khrushchev

Cold War
Both sides now possessed hydrogen bombs, and the danger of a global war became more evident to many of the scientists.
            Georgi Malenkov
        Savior of Russia
            Andrei Sakharov
        Hazards of Nuclear Testing
        Delivering the Bomb

The Good of Mankind
Kurchatov's health was failing, but before he died, he lobbied for peaceful applications of nuclear power and a global halt to nuclear weapons testing.
        Stick to Your Science!


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