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Sponsored by The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
About the Site
Conquistadors, the On-Line Learning Adventure
This nationwide PBS On-Line Learning Adventure parallels the upcoming documentary "Conquistadors," to be broadcast in the Spring of 2001, and is brought to you by PBS member station Oregon Public Broadcasting, in cooperation with PBS On-Line, and by Michael Wood and Maya Vision, the makers of "In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great."

The On-Line Classroom Adventure offers a virtual field trip for students in grades 8-12. Through this Web site, middle and high school classes can access an array of interactive activities and engaging information to learn more about the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors in the New World and the historical legacy of their contact with Native Americans. Click here for a list of site features.
On-Line Learning Adventure Credits
Oregon Public Broadcasting
Oregon Public Broadcasting has been a leader in emerging technologies and the resulting media convergence. OPB continues to be a recognized leader in both production and digital media. The OPB Interactive department has produced major Web sites for, as well as Enhanced-TV prototypes, books, companion radio documentaries, and extensive promotion and education/ outreach campaigns for PBS primetime programs. Working in collaboration with OPB on the Conquistadors On-Line Learning Adventure are the following:

Hot Pepper:
Hot Pepper has created spicy Web sites and interactive multimedia applications that have entertained, educated and engaged audiences since 1991.
Hot Pepper
4-H Web Wizards:
4-H Web Wizards is a highly original program that enhances learning by providing a targeted student group with technology training delivered in partnership with 4-H, schools, volunteers, libraries, non-profits, and other community partners.
4-H Web Wizards
Susan Booth Larson:
The Conquistador units and lesson plans were written by Susan Booth Larson, teacher and educational consultant from Portland, Oregon.
Thank you to the students in Patricia Salazar's classes at Santa Maria Marianistas School, Lima, Peru for their essays and participation in our Peruvian forum.
Funding for this On-Line Learning Adventure is generously provided by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations.
The bibliographies for Mexico, Peru, Amazonia, and America present selected articles, books and other sources that are useful in understanding the Conquest of the New World and developing the Conquistadors Web site.