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The Lure of El Dorado
Gonzalo Pizarro (1502-1548)

After the conquest of the Incas, Francisco Pizarro named his brother Gonzalo as governor of the entire province of Quito. Gonzalo's assignment was to use Quito as a base to look for El Dorado and La Canela, the land of cinnamon trees.

Francisco de Orellana (1511-1545)

In 1541, Francisco de Orellana got word that Gonzalo Pizarro was mounting an expedition to find El Dorado and La Canela. Like any conquistador at that time, Orellana was interested in becoming the governor of a province in the New World. The way to do that was to join an expedition of conquest that would earn riches and honor, and also extend the reach of Christianity and Spain.   [more]
Gonzalo Pizarro
Gonzalo Pizarro
Francisco de Orellana
Francisco de Orellana