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The Last New World
How Shall We Protect the Rainforest?

With the population of the world increasing at a rate of one million people every four days, more rainforest products are needed to satisfy the demand of this larger population, and more people are moving into rainforest lands. Many plans have been proposed for ways to preserve the Amazon Rainforest.

For example, some propose to designate "protected zones" or "reserves." In this plan, Brazil would set aside land as "parks" preserved for the native peoples. No one could enter these areas, and indigenous people could continue leading their traditional lifestyles.

The United Nations has also developed a proposal to save the rainforest. This organization has advocated for "biosphere reserves" – setting aside large areas of rainforest for strict conservation in specific core zones.

In addition, the indigenous people and the rubber tappers have developed the Forest Peoples' Alliance Proposal which would prohibit any more destruction of the rainforest for any reason.   [more]
Biosphere Reserves
Biosphere Reserves
Forest Peoples' Alliance Proposal
Forest Peoples' Alliance Proposal