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Cortes and Mexico

Would you have wanted to be a conquistador or an Aztec warrior?

RE: Aztecs

Author: Mojo
Date: 11-21-00 07:27

Aztec society did have an element of ritualized murder associated with it, Ed, revisonist history and political correctness notwithstanding. The Spanards would not have had such an easy time of it if the Aztec didn't have Native American enemies, enemies the Aztec earned through practices which would be called imperialist if a European country committed them. There is a tendency to portray all Spanish of the time as consumed with greed and willing to stop at nothing to win an empire. This "history" had as much to do with English efforts to propagandize against the Spanish (while conveniently ignoring their own predations) as with reality.

As for the Aztec, any thinking person would salute their accomplishments and acknowledge the wrongs done to especailly the common people during the conquest but it was a society where death was an instrument of maintaining power. I can think of no culture in the last 600 years that used ritualized murder as an instrumentality of power to such a grand scale up until Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. To pretend the Aztecs were merely victims and not victimizers does neither history justice nor treat the Aztec as anything more than the two-dimensional figures we see on murals and codexes.

You ask Jeff his age. What pray tell would that have to do with anything? And while I salute you if English is, as I suspect, not your first language, if English in fact your native tongue, you might do a little proofreading. An adult would.

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