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Cortes and Mexico

Would you have wanted to be a conquistador or an Aztec warrior?

Keeping Perspective.

Author: ilegal
Date: 11-22-00 16:53

Well, now let's get control and not turn discussion to personal attacks. After all, this is a website that will be utilized by teachers and minor students all over the place. Let's keep personal; attacks off the discussion. Focus on the questions/issues.

First, Let's backtrack how this whole chain got started. Accussing Aztecs as inhumans because they perform sacrifices and rituals of blood can not be used as an argument to justify all the abuse that was done by the catholic church and the european mentality of expansion for centuries. Let's remember that Europeans were barbarians and perform rituals of blood as well. Burning of victims was a common practice among the Spanish nation. In the 14th, 15th, and 16th century. The "Inquisition" was a way to sacrifice innocent victims in the name of God. Curiously, there is a parallel here, with the ancient Aztecs. Let's not pretend that the spanish were more civilized, because they were not.

Second, we use the Greek mythology as symbols in modern world. As if the Greeks had been more civilized with respect to human rights and as if they had no wars and sacrifices amongst themselves. They were extreme Barbarians and imperialist as well. In any case, we still use and romanticize about their culture and history in modern society. How the symbol of the "native americans" be expected to be subjected to a different judgement that other mythical, historical symbols and the role that these symbols have in our modern culture/society. Let's use the same baseline to judge all cultures and its symbols. No culture has been better off or it can be used as a prime example to guide and transcend our own humanity.

Reality is as a culture we are, and have been barbarians. It is in our nature. In modern society, we are still the same beast we were 3,000 years ago. We have not changed. WWI, WWII, Holocaust, Vietnam, Korean War, Middle East Conflict, Yugoslavia conflict. They all prove, regardless of region, religion, and culture that we have struglled with our own humanity and the same human right issues. Let's not try to hide our own skeletons in our closet and pretend we are better than other historical cultures. Modern symbol of Uncle Sam as a University Mascot would not be better than the Aztec use as a Symbol. It is just human, after all.

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