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Cortes and Mexico

Would you have wanted to be a conquistador or an Aztec warrior?

RE: Keeping Perspective.

Author: Robin C
Date: 11-26-00 08:58

We just watched this episode in the UK.

As a European in 21st Century it is very difficult to make value judgements about either Native American or European people in the 16th Cent. The English of course were involved in Central America - mainly taking gold etc. from the Spanish. This was sanctioned by the English government so it was called privateering not piracy!

We have the same distinctions today that depend upon personal judgement - Fidel Castro was a liberator in the 60s but to the US government, nothing more than a terrorist. Despite being in govt. for 40 odd years - he is still treated as such. Presumably a substantial number of Cubans think he's OK.

Was it not the same for supporters of Cortez or Montezuma?

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