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Cortes and Mexico

Would you have wanted to be a conquistador or an Aztec warrior?

RE: Reality Check.

Author: Ed Eagle
Date: 11-27-00 16:08

Gary epe

You just sent me a statement made for the racist, descrimationist people, later I will sent you more about my civilization, but you refer one book, but tell me, is it the only book you had read it.

I recomend you, read the history of the European, when they started to invaded Africa, Asia and Australia, they said that all the people live in those continent were people eaters of humans.

If you don't know about their history, why you and all people like you, tell that my civilization something like that: "The Aztecs for a detailed decription of the brutal (to put it mildly) Aztecs".

First, my Continent is not name America, also the name of Aztecs, Sioux, Inca, Mesoamerica, and so on, was invented for the Europeans, and others words are fictictious name.

And the others, that want try to quite me, sorry for you, but I will tell the true, but not the true of the invaders, someday, the page that now I wrote, will be the base of the new society in the world.

Gary and the all others versus my civilization and this continent maybe you DO NOT KNOW, before the Europeans INVADED my Territory Continental Uulhan Uutham (write like pronounced), we had a lot scientific knowledge, if you don't believe it, explain yourself, why my ancient cities still stand.

Also, my civilization could destroyed at the Spaniard or Spanish, English, Frenchs and others Europeans, before they take the first ship to invade us.

Otherwise, you and all you, do not know, that almirant Colom, that you named Columbus, that his first trip to my Uulhan Uutham (now you called America), was the second trip.

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