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Cortes and Mexico

Would you have wanted to be a conquistador or an Aztec warrior?

RE: English Welcome!

Author: Ed Eagle
Date: 11-08-00 17:24

I belong to the unique race of this continent, we are a few now, today now anyone know us, but we began to tell how the EUROPEAN INVADERS, kill us. I'm disapoint when you the Conquistadors, the European were and are INVADERS, they never were explores, conquers, or something related, they almost killed, also, they change our names, languages, tradictions, cities, and they had created a new history about us, and others words, they are liers, besides criminals. I'm sure, that you will said, that not only the European came here, and they bring a lot things.

If you say that, I'm agree with you, because they never came alone, they bring slaves, from the others continents, and thing they carried was fire weapons. I read others histories about us, and now we talking, visit the WEB:

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