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Cortes and Mexico

Would you have wanted to be a conquistador or an Aztec warrior?

RE: waz up < how lame!

Author: jackie
Date: 12-06-00 11:10

o man u must be ????? or something didnt u learn anything from our social studies classs? ur some mexican kid just like most of us, theres nuttin good about being some selfish AND narcissistic spaniard. GETTING SOME CUTE WOMEN??? even if u were a conquistador U WOULD DEFINETLY NOT GET ANY WOMeN, SO SHOVE IT. WELL I REALLY DONT HAVE TIME FOR UL LIL , I HAVE A LIFE LIKE OTHER PPL SO LATER U LIL THINK U. AND MS.ROSALES UR SOCIALSTUDIES CLASS KICKSOOO MUCH !

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