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Pizarro and the Incas

Which was more important in helping the Spanish conquistadors defeat the Incas: Spanish weapons, the Inca civil war, or the smallpox epidemic?

The technology of Spanish crossbows and horses against Inca spear-throwers and cotton armor, the five-year civil war in the Inca Empire, and the devastating effects of the smallpox epidemic all played a part in the Spanish Conquest of the Incas.

Small Pox an Allie!

Author: Eva
Date: 12-04-00 11:31

Hello! I am an student at Animo Leadership Charter High School. In my history class we are now studying about the conquest. According to all the information I have received I do believe that small pox was a major allie for the Spanish. All the natives did not have immunity against the different disseases the spanish braught from Spain. Hundreds and hundreds of incas and aztecs died from that.

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