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Pizarro and the Incas

Which was more important in helping the Spanish conquistadors defeat the Incas: Spanish weapons, the Inca civil war, or the smallpox epidemic?

The technology of Spanish crossbows and horses against Inca spear-throwers and cotton armor, the five-year civil war in the Inca Empire, and the devastating effects of the smallpox epidemic all played a part in the Spanish Conquest of the Incas.

Why do you call aztecs savages?

Author: Veronica
Date: 12-04-00 11:23

I am a 14 year old student at Animo Leadership Charter High School. It has come to my attention that someone wrote that the Aztecs were savages and deserved what they got, ofcourse, refering to the conquest. Honestly, i suppose that this person is not well eduacated about the issue and should not even be talked about if you truly dont know the real facts. The aztecs built one of the greatest cities in their own time, they developed the most precise calendar that is known today, and yes, they did sacrifice humans, and animals. Honestly, i am okay with this because they did sacrifice because it was part of their religion, it was a part of their legacy. Unlike the romans, who everyone refers to as great and wonderful people. But think about this. Isn't it more barbaric of he romans to actually put HUMANS to fight against eachother and even lions just for entertainment. They did this just to laugh and have a good time!!!!! Atleast the aztecs did sacrifices because it was part of the their beliefs. SO if you want to keep on thinking that they were barbaric, you should look in the mirror and check yourself out!

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