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Pizarro and the Incas

Which was more important in helping the Spanish conquistadors defeat the Incas: Spanish weapons, the Inca civil war, or the smallpox epidemic?

The technology of Spanish crossbows and horses against Inca spear-throwers and cotton armor, the five-year civil war in the Inca Empire, and the devastating effects of the smallpox epidemic all played a part in the Spanish Conquest of the Incas.

RE: Why do you call aztecs savages?

Author: Britney Spears
Date: 12-06-00 00:16

First of all, tell me one thing, have u even studied about the romans??? Oviously not! U can't just come in here and say that the romans were barbaric! the aztecs were filthy, were a low down dirty shame and u know what? i think that they contributed to this world abosolutely nothing. It's a known fact that the aztecs were not civilized and the spaniards came over and spiced up their life u know! they gave them a new religion and a new way of living. aztecs need to thank spaniards for all their contributions to their lifes. tha's all i have to say about that.

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