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Aztec Life and Times
In the Aztec world, social roles were strictly delineated. The rich nobles governed the empire, the poor farmers fed and fought for the empire, and the priests in their blood-stained robes performed important rituals to help ensure the survival of the empire.

Family Life

Every Aztec was a member of a clan or family group called a calpulli. The calpulli owned their land under the strict control of the king. The land was farmed communally, with each of the 10 - 20 families working its own plot. When a man and woman married, they were given their own plot of land to use to grow their own food and to give some of their produce in payment to the head man of the calpulli. When children were born, the family could ask for more land so they could grow more food. A family could also gain more land if the father fought bravely in the Aztec wars. But if the family failed to work the land properly, it was taken away from them.   [more]
Clothing and Society
Clothing and Society
Aztec Diet
Aztec Diet