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The Aztec Empire
Montezuma II

"Montezuma was of medium height and slender build with a large head and somewhat flat nostrils. He was very astute, discerning and prudent, learned and capable, but also harsh and irascible, and very firm in his speech… He was very considerate with those of us who were respectful and took off our caps and bowed to him; he gave us presents and jewelry, and dishes of the food that he ate." – Aguilar, who guarded Montezuma when he was captured.

In 1502, Montezuma II became the ninth Aztec emperor, or tlatoani, which meant "great speaker." Since Montezuma II believed the empire was too big, he decided to increase the power he held over the few independent city-states in the Valley of Mexico, which included powerful Tlaxcala. Montezuma warred against the Tlaxcalans from 1504 to 1519, but could never conquer them, even though the Aztecs were the most powerful people in Mexico.   [more]
Montezuma II
Montezuma II
Aztec Rulers
Aztec Rulers