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Close Omens of Doom Omens of Doom
Since the omens were not reported until after the Conquest, there are questions about whether they were true events, or only justifications for the Aztec defeat. Some people find disasters easier to swallow if it is believed that they were foretold.

OMEN 1: According to legend, the Aztecs believed that the god Quetzalcoatl had sailed east to join the sun god, warning that he would return on Quetzalcoatl's name day to reclaim his kingdom. This would be the end of the Aztec Emperor. The Aztecs believed that this would occur in the year One Reed (which happened to be 1519) and that the god could take many forms, including that of a pale-skinned, bearded man.

OMEN 2: A comet streaked unexpectedly across the night, "like a spear plunged into the very heart of the heavens." The next morning, the sun destroyed this fire, but it reoccurred again at night for the better part of a year. The people worried that maybe the sun would not be able to destroy this fire foreverů and the source of all life would not rise in the morning.

OMEN 3: The lake surrounding Tenochtitlan swirled and suddenly boiled up on a calm day and flooded many houses built next to the water.

OMEN 4: The sound of a woman wailing could be heard at night, saying "O my beloved sons, we are all going to die."

OMEN 5: The thatched roof of the temple of Huitzilopochtli on top of the Great Pyramid burst into flames.

OMEN 6: The temple of the god of fire was destroyed by a noiseless thunderbolt.

OMEN 7: Aztec fishermen brought an ashen bird like a crane with a crest on its head like a mirror to Montezuma. When the king looked in the mirror, he saw the heavens and stars and warriors riding on deer. When Montezuma asked his advisors to examine the bird, it disappeared.

OMEN 8: A comet fell from the sky, divided into three, and scattered sparks throughout the Valley of Mexico.

OMEN 9: Strange, two-headed people appeared. When taken to Montezuma's special zoo for misfit human beings, they disappeared.

Top Image: A comet, one of the omens of doom